Maintenance - Air Conditioning

Kit that allows you to locate with precision and ease all defects found on welds or die cast of metal elements with no damaging effects on surfaces, for an effective quality control. It consists of three products that must be used in conjunction to detect any holes, pits, fatigue cracks and porosity within the weld. DIRECTIONS FOR USE 1) Degrease and clean the entire surface to be verified using the CRACK CLEANER VMD 137 2) Apply to the surface a thin layer of RED CRACK PENETRANT VMD 138 and wait 15-20 minutes to allow the liquid to act 3) Remove the excess of RED PENETRANT using again the CRACK CLEANER VMD 137 and let the surface dry out 4) Finally, spray the WHITE CRACK DETECTOR VMD 139 and let it act for a few minutes. Now, red traces will appear at the points where there are metal defects, allowing the operator to fix them.

400 ml

12 pcs.

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