Loghini Contatti



Vmd italia srl was  founded in 1994 and developed its own production in the aerosol section focusing first on technical products for the automotive, then with technical products mainly used in the hardware industry and paint shops up to different fields of application.

All the products are  formulated, developed and realized in our company. Vmd’s laboratory is constantly researching and developing innovative performing formulations.

In 2010 starts the adventure with VMD ESPANA with the purpose to offer the best service and the most accurate attention to the Iberian customer. Thanks to the cooperation between the head company and the Spanish office, Vmd has become the leading company of spray products and solvents throughout the entire Iberian market.

Thanks to an important agreement with Dollmar Spa in 2012,  VMD presents itself on the market with a completely renovated sales network both domestic and foreign. This has made VMD a synonym of progress, service and quality as well as one of the most important worldwide leader in the production of spray and solvents.

January 2020 marks another important goal for VMD with the acquisition of the new headquartes in Ripalta Cremasca and the growth opportunity in an area of 38.000 mq. We want to share with our customers this exciting new adventure by presenting an innovative catalogue that can be downloaded from our website and from our VMD OFFICIAL APP, unique in its kind thanks to its groundbreaking technology and its constant development.