Loghini Contatti


VMD Italia srl, founded in 1994, has developed its production in the aerosol sector, first with technical products for the automotive, industry, hardware and office sectors, then with paints and spray medical devices.

All products are formulated, developed and manufactured internally. The VMD laboratory is constantly engaged in the research and development of increasingly innovative and performing formulations.

VMD presents itself to the market with a renewed and complete commercial network both nationally and abroad. Thanks to an important agreement with Dollmar spa in 2012, with the desire to consolidate its know-how, today VMD is synonymous with progress, service and quality, becoming the leading production reality in the world of sprays and diluents. We want to share with our customers this new and exciting adventure by proposing ourselves with an innovative catalog that can be downloaded from our company App, unique in its kind thanks to an innovative and constantly developing technology.

VMD España’s adventure began in 2010 with the aim of offering a more punctual service and optimal care for the Iberian customer.