CMD srl is our official partner for graphic elaborations and technological development.

CMD srl, a company with over ten years of consolidated experience in the field of IT systems, websites, mobile applications, boasts a high know-how in the world of technology and graphics, from flat to 3D.

We chose CMD for their passion, competence and concreteness. The collaboration has allowed us to grow and develop new ideas and projects, as a company capable of following us at 360 °.

Thanks to CMD’s cutting-edge IT and graphic solutions, we have created our new catalog, the graphics of the labels of our product lines and above all the VMD mobile apps, developed with the exclusive JumpToApp technology (www.jumptoapp.it) , which will allow us to share all our content quickly and easily with all our customers.

Find below the link of CMD srl (www.cmdapp.it), and the related contacts that we kindly ask you to keep in mind for future graphic and technological needs.