Acrilic Spray and Markers

Water based monocomponent polyurethane product formulated with a special physical fast drying copolymer, selected fillers and special additives. It gives excellent coverage, good adhesion and hardness on different types of existing supports in the building sector like: concrete, plasterboard, wood etc. Ideal for restoring plaster damaged by impact, mold and erosion. Resistance to atmospheric agents and temperature variations. Washable and over-painted with any type of tempera or paint. Ensure the support is dry, free of condensate and oil stains in general. If necessary, repair the support with mechanical brushing or sanding. Accurately shake the product before use. Store in a dry and cool environment, far from heat sources and however at a temperature between 5°C and 30°C. Keep away from frost.

matt white

400 ml

6 pcs.

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