Zaffiro is the ideal white spirit for thinning anti rust paints and varnishes with a slightly scented odor. It can be applied using either a brush or a roller. It is an excellent degreasing agent, suitable for metal sheets and painted surfaces on which it is highly effective for removing silicone. It also gives a brilliance and increases the performance of the product. Instructions for use: to dilute paint products (cementitious, primers, synthetic paints and oil of all types, enamels and varnishes) add zaffiro to the product to be applied until the desired viscosity is reached and then mix well. To clean work tools (brushes, rollers, spatulas, etc) wash up thoroughly to eliminate all painting residues. To clean surfaces , rub with a damp cloth and then wipe with a dry one.

500 ml

40 pcs.

1 lt

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25 lt

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