Eco - Friendly

ECO Factotum is an unblocking, lubricating, cleansing, degreasing, protective and anti-rust product, totally plant-based and eco friendly with maximum respect for the environment. Its special formulation makes it suitable for the replacement of products of petroleum origin and its loaded with a non-flammable gas. The product is completely silicone free. Excellent lubricant for locks, chains, gears and cables. Ideal for unlocking rusted parts and bolts. Prevents and blocks rust by avoiding metal corrosion and seizing. Eliminates moisture from electrical and electronic circuits. Excellent detergent and degreasing power, dissolves fats, bitumens and tars, eliminates all traces of glues, paints and resins without leaving the slightest halo. NON FLAMMABLE

300 ml

12 pcs.

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