Alpen is the turpentine suitable for obtaining the best results in the panel, roll or spray application of synthetic and oil-synthetic based coating products. Added to such products, alpen makes their application easier while improving both their spreading and final aesthetic features. Alpen is also used to thin polish, wax and for polishing enamelled and glassy surfaces. Instructions for use: to thin coating products (cement, rust inhibitors, synthetic and any kind of oil-based paints, funds, enamels and paints): add to the product to be applied in order to obtain the desired viscosity and mix well. To thin working tools (brushes, rollers, etc.): Wash up to eliminate the painting. For surfaces: rub with a dampened rag and then wipe with a dry cloth.

500 ml

40 pcs.

1 lt

20 pcs.

5 lt

4 pcs.

25 lt

1 pcs.

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